Semi-colons for monster lists

Level of difficulty: Intermediate Your research reports often include long lists of complex items. Sometimes using only commas is insufficient to offset the items. Here is an example: Incorrect: We… Read More

How to use hyphens correctly: Part A

Level of difficulty: Advanced Editors at Uni-edit often need to correct the use of hyphens during English editing of manuscripts. Correct use of hyphens shows the author’s advanced command of… Read More

“On the other hand” vs. “Besides”

Difficulty: Easy Many Uni-edit customers are from Chinese & Japanese language backgrounds. Our customers sometimes translate the characters “一方” or “一方面” into English as “on the other hand” and “besides”… Read More

Introduction: Publish or Perish

If you’re reading this article, we’re assuming you’re in academia, and by extension you know the high value assigned to publishing research. You can probably relate to at least one… Read More