Clara, a Uni-Edit editor in the field of economics, speaks about the importance of understanding the content of the research to better clarify the authors’ intended meaning.

Glancing out at the traffic below on the busy New York street in which she lives, she says:

“The fact that I teach economics to students here in New York means that I am on top of all the new theories being developed in my field. I also publish my own research in the area of political economy. This insight in the field enables me to help economists all over the world to publish their own work and pursue their unique ideas.”

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PhD candidate and longtime Uni-Edit editor, Nicholas, understands the expectations the academic world has on academics and students. Something he is always aware of is the need for academic language to avoid any ambiguity.

“Academic language should not be fuzzy nor unclear, as this causes the manuscript to lose credibility with the readership.”

Nicholas spends many hours editing manuscripts helping Uni-Edit clients to express their ideas clearly and concisely, while never removing any of the author’s intended meaning. “Sometimes if the text is difficult to decipher, it is a struggle to make a suggestion for the client to improve the text. However, in these cases, I never assume I understand what the author is trying to say. I do my best to understand the text, and make suggestions for changes within a CHECK comment [a box that sits to the right of the page in Microsoft Word], so that the author can then decide if it conveys what they want to say.”

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