Uni-Edit clients are accustomed to the highest quality of editing available in the marketplace.

Uni-edit editors edit quality

Ozy explains:

“Quality simply means that the editing of each paper matches or exceeds the client’s expectations. In all levels of editing, the main goal is to make the author’s intended meaning clear. Most fundamental to quality editing is for the editors to grasp the concepts the author wishes to convey in the paper, not more and not less.”

When we edit a client’s manuscript, we do not simply correct the English that the author has written. We edit in such a way that the concepts are clearly articulated in the appropriate style (e.g., academic) and in a way suitable for the intended publication and audience. The degree to which we rework the paper to remove ambiguity is dictated by the specified level of editing: English Editing Level 1, English Editing Level 2, English Editing Level 3, and English Rewrite.

We have specialized services for application documents for schools and academic jobs as well as specialized services for editing of theses and dissertations.

In order to successfully gain publication in an international journal, especially those with high impact factors, exceptional quality is essential.

To reduce the chance of rejection based on language problems, we recommend clients select English Editing Level 2, English Editing Level 3, or English Rewrite services because each of these services uses a thorough two-editor process. The first editor will edit the English of the entire manuscript; the second editor will again edit the English of the entire manuscript and assesses and improves the work of the first editor. Both editors are qualified in the subject matter and have exceptional English and editing skills.

Sometimes our clients request our optional services including Target Tutor (ideas of how to improve English usage and writing style); Content Ideas (ideas of how to improve the content of the paper); Formatting to Journal Guidelines; and Journal Selection Service.

I personally enjoy providing these services, especially Content Ideas, as it enables me to work very closely with the client to improve their already good ideas. It is very rewarding (and interesting) to have the chance to delve deeply into an author’s field of research, helping them to launch innovative ideas.

Providing Target Tutor to clients is always interesting as it offers me the chance to share my love of the English language with clients. In this service, I explain the best way they can use the language to convey their ideas to the target audience.

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