Uni-Edit’s guiding statement takes a customer perspective:

Uni-Edit are kind, trustworthy, and knowledgeable people who reliably deliver language services that meet client needs.

Most of us are in this business because we love to help others convey their excellent ideas to the world.  Language should never be an obstacle for an author to unleash their great ideas to the world, especially when their ideas have the potential to have tremendous impact on communities.

At Uni-Edit we want our clients to be happy with all aspects of their editing experience with us. How do we ensure they are happy? It all starts with clear communication between the company and the clients. The first point of contact is our website.

Uni-Edit has a very clear, no nonsense website that lays out the different services we offer and the pricing structure. The information is available in multiple languages for our clients including Japanese, Arabic, Korean, Thai, Vietnamese, and Chinese. Our price list is also made available in local currencies.

Our website lists our specialized services. Clients can select the service which best meets their needs.

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