Translators and editors need to pass rigorous testing procedures before they are offered a position with Uni-Edit. The screening stage testing enables the recruitment officer to determine the skills of each candidate; only those that pass the difficult test are able to progress to the next stage. The testing is not performed on real customer work; rather dummy tests are used. This is to ensure that inferior editing or translation does not leak through to the customer’s manuscript.

Editors and translators who meet Uni-Edit standards are invited for a trial period. During this time, their work is edited by a senior editor or translator and subsequently reviewed by the management team to determine whether they possess the appropriate level of professional and technical skills to work directly on customer manuscripts.

Editors are expected to possess a deep theoretical knowledge of an academic field of study gained through tertiary studies or industry experience, or both; write superb publishable academic-style English; have experience working with non-native English speakers; and possess extensive experience writing and editing academic manuscripts.

Translators are expected to have an excellent command of at least two languages and extensive experience working with academic manuscripts.

rigorous testing editors english collaboration

Both editors and translators are expected to have excellent collaboration and team working skills.

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