General considations

Targeting the same journals in which your professor or academic advisor publishes is an effective strategy when developing your research profile, as it not only provides a good starting point for your research output, but also ties your research to other relevant work. Further, your advisor will have experience publishing in the journal you target and can provide useful estimates of expected time frames and other administration.

Practical example for Life Sciences

Early in my career, my professor had published several papers in a local ecological journal. My research was closely related to his work, so it painted a realistic picture of the trajectory of my future research papers and their scope. This also allowed me to tailor my papers in the early writing stages to the expected style of that journal.

Practical example for Social Sciences

The journals that your supervisor publishes in will often be ideal candidates because your research is generally strongly related to your supervisor’s work. To begin with, I aimed to publish in journals that my supervisors had previously published in because they were able to provide me with detailed guidance in the preparation, submission, and revision processes for those journals.

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