The importance of good editing can never be underestimated. It is one of the most important parts of the writing process as our team of editorial experts explain.

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Jennie, a former academic, and now full-time academic editor, states:

“One critical thing is that editorial services provide clarity. You don’t want readers guessing what you are trying to say. Your intended meaning should be apparent through your writing.”

Sara, one of our academic editors who also edits novels, poetry, and short stories, has strong opinions on the importance for all writers to engage an editor when they complete their work, irrespective of whether it is fiction or non-fiction.

As she lifts her cat off a pile of manuscripts which sit precariously next to her laptop, she says, “Nothing is more embarrassing for a writer than a book filled with mistakes. Even though you may be the world’s leading expert in your field, or the greatest novelist in your country, if your book contains errors, your readers will immediately doubt your abilities.”

“Good editing,” she continues, “offers a tremendous amount of feedback in terms of writing style and the overall flow of the manuscript. This information helps writers to grow and develop their craft.”

Alex, an editor and translator, summarizes, “Editing is a critical part of creating a quality piece of work as an editor is tasked with bringing objectivity and an eye for detail to the manuscript. The editor helps the author to see what they can no longer see as they are too close to the material.”

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