Once recruited, translators and editors receive training specifically tailored to the work of Uni-Edit. All freelancers must complete a training course which includes studying the relevant guidebooks and completing workbooks under the guidance of senior editors and translators.

Uni-Edit possesses a knowledge base of hundreds of documents which focus on topics such as English editing, professionalism, as well as translation skills and techniques. These documents are stored on the company’s intranet and shared with Uni-Edit editors and translators.

Neil, Uni-Edit editor, explains the benefits of the training he received when he first joined the company.

“In no small part, my transition to editing work was assisted by the provision of documents which set out in great detail the guidelines of Uni-Edit. These include how to tailor an edit in accordance with a requested level, and how to phrase Target Tutor and Content Ideas so that they are constructive, and also sensitive to the author who is not working in their native language.”


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