We welcome feedback from clients and respond to all feedback diligently. The feedback helps us to improve our work and acts as a tremendous motivator. We like to receive both positive and negative feedback. Positive feedback helps us to reinforce things we are doing very well while negative feedback allows us to adjust our processes and channel specific feedback to an editor or translator so they can improve their skills.

Here are some words from Uni-Edit clients which express their feelings towards Uni-Edit editors and translators. (Clients granted their permission for their testimonials to be published on the Uni-Edit website.)

I publish around 20 manuscripts each year and therefore require professional help with writing English fluently to speed up the publication process and ensure the quality of the manuscripts. Uni-Edit understands the strict submission deadlines imposed on academics; they are undoubtedly reliable and always deliver completed jobs on time.

Chief Editor Ozy and the Uni-edit team respect the work of every author and sincerely wish to help researchers correct the English of their manuscripts and ensure their intended meaning is expressed clearly and professionally. During the process of translation and editing if questions or issues arise, Uni-edit always contacts me to ensure the author’s meaning is preserved. Such attention to detail is critical for professional academic manuscripts.

Furthermore, Uni-Edit has a team of native-speaker editors and assigns editors who have a related academic background to the researcher or author for each manuscript; they therefore have a good grasp of the subject matter.

Professor, Department of Electrical Engineering
Tsinghua University

The English service from Uni-Edit is first-class as well as professional. They will listen to your needs and try their best to meet your needs as soon as possible. I have taught in the Department of Merchant Marine, National Taiwan Ocean University for over 20 years. I have years of experience in journal publishing. Thank you to the Uni-Edit team for your great help on such an arduous task.

Academic, Department of Merchant Marine
National Taiwan Ocean University

I am currently teaching in the Department of Recreation Sport & Health Promotion at National Pingtung University of Science and Technology. I publish on average 4 SSCI journal papers a year and therefore require professional English editing services to help accelerate the publishing process as well as improve the quality of my papers.

Uni-Edit is always reliable and delivers promptly because they appreciate the stringent review process and deadlines in journal publishing. Ozy and the Uni-Edit team treat every piece of work as a priority and help the authors achieve papers without mistakes, that are written in a professional manner, which also flow beautifully. For instance, one of the papers that I asked Uni-Edit to edit subsequently received great praises from the reviewers at Leisure Sciences, who commented that the English is “very fluent with no grammatical mistakes.”

One of the reasons why I can confidently trust Uni-Edit with my papers is that the English editors are professional native speakers who have specialist knowledge related to my field of research. I have now been collaborating with Uni-Edit for almost two years and Uni-Edit has edited over 8 SSCI papers for me. Ozy and his team always reply to my questions or try to resolve any issue quickly and efficiently. I’m particularly impressed by Chief Editor Ozy’s efficiency because he always thoroughly answers all my questions within 24 hours. Uni-Edit’s pricing is also very reasonable for the professional services they provide.

Academic, Department of Recreation Sport & Health Promotion
National Pingtung University of Science and Technology

I would like to recommend Uni-Edit to people who encounter difficulties in their English journal paper writing. Ozy, the Chief Editor, has developed a very professional team to help me remove these kinds of problems. Thanks to Ozy and his great team, my first IEEE article will be published this month.

Post-doctoral Fellow, Department of Materials Science and Engineering
National Chung Hsing University

Uni-Edit understands the stringent review process and deadlines in journal publishing. They always reply promptly to my questions and resolve issues very efficiently. In addition, Uni-Edit’s pricing is also very reasonable.

Academic, Scientific Research Division
National Synchrotron Radiation Research Center

I am a professor of Life Science in National Taiwan University. The reason I have asked Uni-Edit to edit 11 papers for me in just half a year is because the Uni-Edit team really understand the rigorousness of academia and the importance of deadlines so Uni-Edit always deliver files on time or earlier. The Chief Editor, Ozy, and the Uni-Edit team care about the work of researchers. They will communicate with us if they encounter any difficulties and answer any questions thoroughly.

Professor, National Taiwan University

Uni-Edit’s English editing quality is very high because two native speaking editors check your manuscript. They also give us appropriate advice so that we can express our intended meaning clearly. They answer your requests accurately and honestly. Their turnaround time is also quick and price reasonable, which is very helpful for me.

Academic, Saga University

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