I comment below about the different kinds of Uni-edit customers. I guess a unique characteristic of ours is that our services works for all kinds of customers: the customers who want their Chinese words in English to submit for publication, as well as the customers who want to actively collaborate to produce their English.


Uni-edit takes care to find the best editors (subject-matter experts) for each job and puts two editors onto all jobs (unless otherwise specified), which ensures high quality. Also, if there are any complaints or queries (we are all human, and mistakes do occasionally happen), Uni-edit will go out of their way to resolve the issue as quickly as possible. At Uni-edit, every customer is highly valued and great care is taken to ensure that every customer’s needs are met.


I agree with Mark and Sally, and would also add a very individualized service and that we foremost care about quality.


I think we are flexible and always listen to customer’s special requests, such as delivering a job in stages, handling a mixed job (partly written in Japanese and partly written in English), or issuing special billing documents.


I believe native speakers and subject expert editors can understand the different research fields and turn English into native speaker writing. Uni-edit also has two editors editing flow to ensure high quality. We also offer flexible payment methods and invoices issuing to meet customer’s budget using process. Finally, we use a local customer service, understand customer’s need, and answer clearly in customer-friendly language.

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