The team is very small and you can feel everyone shares a close bond, even though we’re all working from different geographical locations.


I agree. I think it is very interesting to work with the Uni-edit team because we are all from different countries and although we are from different cultures, we can communicate well and understand (share) the thinking of customers from each country. It is also unique that we all work at home or in a coffee shop in different time zones.


We can work independently, but collaborate with team members. Working for Uni-edit is a challenging profession. Each person in the team work independently and collaborates with their team members. It is quite different from working in other companies in Taiwan. We also have an amazing boss: Ozy, my boss, has never set any deadline for tasks because he trusts us, which creates a trustworthy business culture.  Ozy also will offer guidelines and training to help us do our best work. From previous working experiences, no other boss in a Taiwan-based company operated as he does. Finally, Uni-edit is multicultural: all the team members are from many different countries and it is great to learn business aspects from the person who is not from the same country.

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