Use words for some numbers

Sometimes, it’s best to write out the word instead of using numerals. A common convention is to write out all numbers less than 10 (or less than 100 in some styles) that aren’t dates, labels or measurements.

Writing numbers less than 10 or 100

Good use – prose: There were three approaches, each with two components.
Good use – measurement: The calculated time was 4.3 seconds.
Good use – date: We looked at news headlines from 6 August 2006.

It’s also common to write out words instead of using numerals is when the number is approximated or rounded.

Approximate or rounded numbers
Common use: There were approximately three hundred artifacts.
Common use: Almost one million people were at the rally.

Unless they are part of a calculation, fractions are generally written out in full. For example, you might see “three-fifths of the pizza remained” or “one third of the population was affected.”

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