How often will my submission be rejected?

General considations The publication process can be fickle, arduous, and time consuming. Journals have their own objectives, administration, and expectations on the quality of science they aim to publish. Therefore,… Read More

Can I publish in a top tier journal?

General considations As an author, you are encouraged to publish your novel research in top-tier journals. While the acceptance threshold is much lower than low- or mid-tier journals, the opportunity… Read More

How much will it cost to publish and who will pay?

General considations Journals are generally divided into two domains: subscription and independent. Subscription-based journals are affiliated with major publishing companies that handle distribution, printing, and maintenance overheads. Accessing these papers… Read More

Does the format of my paper matter?

General considations Published papers need to be styled and formatted in specific ways to meet the strict formatting guidelines of journals. These guidelines can be broken down into two parts:… Read More