In academic writing, authors need to justify the reason for their research and why it is significant, this is an important factor for reviewers to consider whether or not to publish the paper. However, when explaining why the study or research is important, if the reason is important for a specific country only, unless well worded or expanded, the reviewers and editors may not be persuaded. For instance, many authors tend to say, “Topic X is very important for our campus/community/ country Y”; however, if no further reason is given to persuade target audience from different communities/countries, then the level of significance perceived will not be the same, and even considered not justified enough for international journals to publish the work.

An example may be:

“It is imperative for the Taiwanese Government to introduce the Second Generation National Health Insurance as part of the National Health System reform for the sustainability of the state healthcare system.”

Even though the sentence says it’s ‘imperative’, but the sense of urgency and significance is likely to be perceived very differently for people who utilize this state benefit and international audience who do not because they do not know why it is important, and how it can be improved.

Unless another paragraph gives all relevant background info and reasons of significance, the sentence should be expanded, for instance:

“With the forecast of likely bankruptcy faced by Taiwan’s National Health System (NHS), it is imperative for the government, as part of the reform plan, to introduce the Second Generation National Health Insurance with supplemental premium, to ensure NHS sustainability.”

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