Something I have always told students is that they need to write often and read journal papers in the journals they want to publish in. The truth is that no one will ever become a better writer by reading about writing in theory alone. The more you write and the more you read, the better writer you will be. It’s that simple and anyone who tells you that you can become a better writer without you writing more and often is lying to you.


Honestly, I think the best thing to do is to read as much as you can, in your subject area, from the top international journals, paying attention to how those authors express themselves. This will get you familiar with the ways in which ideas and concepts in your field tend to be expressed. Also, pay attention to the structure of papers, especially how frequently the central topic is repeated (we tend to find that Japanese and Chinese authors repeat the name of the central topic over and over in a paper, which is not generally good style in English). You could also practise emulating their style in your own writing.


In my experiences, firstly switch to ‘a different brain’ to reasoning while writing in English, no matter how the result comes out. Further, don’t assume the readers will understand the logic from A to B simply because they’re the subject expert; rather, carefully elaborate the inside story why you think the goal of the research in the manuscript is important.


I recommend him or her to read many international journals related to his or her research and try to use English editing services often. Native English speaking editors’ comments are very valuable and your academic writing skills will improve.


I think the most important factor is time management. Leaving enough time for professional English editing would help publish many papers in the near future. If authors send me papers near the deadline, we might not have the editors available for the subject or the author may have to pay an urgency fee.

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