The customer was trying to come up with a new name for a technique, but the new name had to fit an old acronym, so that people would still recognise it. The new name they had come up with was rather awkward English, but they had specified that that term was not to be edited, so in the editing job I did not change it. Then, in a follow-up round, the customer explained the whole situation to me and asked if I could come up with a better name to fit the acronym. I really appreciated their asking my advice on that; it made me feel they were trusting me with an important contribution to their work.


Great story, Sally. For me, customers sometimes ask us if we will be closed during the holiday season (especially Christmas and New Year), but I always tell them ‘Please don’t worry, we are available 365 days a year’ and I feel proud of that.


I won’t say it is the best question. However, I have experienced popular questions that Uni-edit always addresses, but other competitors wouldn’t. To provide an example: Customers wonder if we could post billing documents by registered mail, because the customer often has trouble finding the documents when it is not registered. I can be proud when explaining to customers that Uni-edit understands the documents is the most important document for customers to apply funding reimbursement from institutes. We always deliver documents by registered mail to make sure it is delivered safely. Of course, I have more interesting questions that from customers and you are welcome to contact me to find out.

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