I’m Daniel Boles, the Project Manager at Uni-edit. My job has to do with the day-to-day operations between customer service and experts at the job and task levels. I also handle the technical side of email marketing and handle customers from over 20 countries around the world. My biggest reason for choosing this occupation is because I am passionate about helping people write better in academic English and better understand the publication side of academia.


I’m a Senior Editor and Translator at Uni-edit. I edit scientific papers in biomedicine, healthcare, and molecular biology for many years, but these days I mostly do Japanese-to-English translation in those fields and others. I’m also responsible for training and recruiting new English Editors and Japanese translators.

I have a Bachelor’s degree in Neuroscience and Music, and have worked in the biomedical field on the US East Coast at the National Institute of Mental Health, studying gene-mediated associations of brain imaging phenotypes with schizophrenia patients, as well as at the University of Maryland, Baltimore, helping to run a study on traumatic experiences and their association with alcohol and drug abuse. In parallel to my biomedical career, I volunteered and worked in English Second Language (ESL) education in the US and Japan in my early 20s, which led to me falling in love with the place, the people, and the Japanese language. My role as a Japanese-to-English translator of academic and scientific English allows me to help spread the research efforts of Japanese professionals with the global community. I believe the world can learn a lot from Japan’s efforts towards social phenomena like the aging of society, which the US, EU, and other developed economies now face.


My primary job is Senior Editor for Uni-edit. I have chosen this occupation because it puts my scientific training and writing skills to good use, while allowing me the flexibility I require and enabling me to have the work/non-work balance that I need.


My primary role at Uni-edit is business development for the Taiwan market. I’m happy to be able to extend my previous work experience in the higher education and publishing industries, and continue serving academics in a meaningful way.


My primary role at Uni-edit is customer service manager for Japan. The main reason I chose this job was because I enjoy languages (I speak Japanese, English, and Chinese). Further, I have spent most of my life abroad (in Europe and Taiwan), so I understand different cultures and reasoning and thus believe I can connect Japanese authors with English native speakers at Uni-edit.


My role at Uni-edit is customer service for the Chinese market. Most of our customers are from Taiwan.

I believe at the very least I should be interested in my job. For example, providing a helpful and professional service for customers to improve their English. As such, English editing is well suited to my job requirements.

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